North Table Mountain – Golden, CO

Since we returned from the excitement of our honeymoon, we’ve been taking it pretty easy and trying to spend our time relaxing on the weekends. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t been on any adventures though! One beautiful Sunday afternoon this October, it was warmer than usual, and we really wanted to get outside and go for a hike. On the drive from our house to Boulder, I have driven past North Table Mountain Park in Golden numerous times, always thinking that I would like to see what it looks like at the top. The two “table mountains” in Golden are distinctive mesas that you’ll definitely notice if you ever visit the town. You might have noticed one or both of them in Coors commercials too, since the brewery sits right next to them.

Colorado trees hike
On our way to the top. The colorful trees were incredible this fall in Colorado!

I can’t say for sure how long the trail to the top was because I forgot to turn my tracker on, but it wasn’t too long, maybe a mile or so. It was steep though and it was a good workout for the both of us, especially since we hadn’t hiked in quite a while. There were other people mountain biking and running up the trail, and the trail was on the easier side of things.

We made it to the top!


Denver in the distance!

As you would guess from the name, it was fairly flat once you made it to the top. Being on top of it for the first time, I realized just how big it really was. There were miles of trails that zig zagged across and around the outside, and we chose a small loop around the edge that took us back to where we came up.


This was as close to the edge as I wanted to get, but Carly lives on the wild side!


Just hanging out, no big deal..


The North Table Mountain hike was very rewarding for the effort, and I plan on recommending it to anyone that comes out to visit!

Anyone that knows us knows that we can’t visit Golden without stopping in to the Coors brewery tasting room for some complimentary brews!




Some bonus adventures/pictures from the past few weeks!!

Carly and I went for a really cool “urban hike” on the Big Dry Creek Trail in Centennial. It was pretty incredible to have a trail like that right in the middle of the city, because it certainly didn’t feel like the city was around you. We ran into this really cool bird along the way!


Colorado sunrise at the train station on my way to work!
Our dog son, Stoney, enjoying the snow we got!
The moon and Venus (I think?) one morning as I took Stoney for a walk. The sun is just starting to peak above the horizon!
We love visiting the Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton when it’s nice outside!

Visit to the Denver Botanical Gardens

The plan for the weekend was to hang around the house and tackle a lot of our wedding planning that has been neglected, but waking up Sunday, Carly and I decided that we needed to do something fun. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to receive a season pass, with guest pass included, to the Denver Botanical Gardens through my work, but even though we had talked about going plenty of times to pick them up, we still had yet to go. The interesting thing is, if you look on TripAdvisor things to do in Denver, the botanical gardens is the top attraction. It has always seemed a little odd to me in a city like Denver, that has so much to offer, that the botanical gardens would be number one, so we decided that today was the day that we had to find out for ourselves.

It was a perfect morning for walking through gardens outside, with just a light coolness in the air, but not too much to where it was chilly. It’s not too far of a drive from our place in Centennial to the gardens, which are just south of downtown. We arrived around 930am and there was still plenty of parking in the garage, so we parked and proceeded to pick up our passes.

Apple Tree
Apple tree trained to maximize the growing area in a small space
A group of succulents with a kaleidoscope to view them through

As soon as we walked through the entrance to the gardens, it became apparent that this place was going to be incredible. You are greeted by towering shrubs, large greenhouses, and every color of flower imaginable. They gave us a map when we entered, but we quickly decided that strolling wherever our hearts took us was going to be the most relaxing way to see the gardens. We could’ve tried to plot out a path to see everything, but then we would’ve been there all day, and honestly, probably would’ve got lost in the beauty anyways.


The highlight of the visit was in the “sensory garden”, which encouraged you to experience the plants with all 5 senses, where Carly touched the fern plant and discovered that the leaves of a fern move when touched. Her reaction was priceless!

After walking for awhile, we realized just how big the gardens really were. We just kept walking and walking, hardly seeing the same thing twice, even though we were just wandering aimlessly. The experience was incredible, and Carly and I decided that we would definitely be coming back to see things that we may have missed.


All in all, I would highly recommend the Denver Botanical Gardens to anyone visiting Denver as a beautiful, relaxing way to enjoy some of nature’s most gorgeous plants right in the heart of the city!


Bee on a Sunflower
Don’t mind me!


A magnificent Chihuly glass sculpture


Water Platter


Grape Vines
Grape vines creeping through a whole section of the gardens